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Used for centuries as a tool for teaching and communicating mathematics, the abacus was found in one form or another in the ancient world. At Terzani, we have seen the beauty of the abacus' mathematical purity and its clean and functional design. In the hands of the artisans at Terzani, we have transformed this inspiration into a new collection of modular hanging lamps whose flexibility allows for complex and beautiful configurations. Each module, or strand, of Abacus contains a customized set of round, hand-blown opal glass that emits a soft and uniform light. And because the original abacus was used to calculate everything from simple additions to complex formulas, we have maintained the same scalability. Thanks to its customization, our light abacus is equally suitable for use in a home or commercial space, and its almost infinite configurations guarantee that you will always find the right solution. Design drawing.

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